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Everything about the practice is designed around the concept of being a fun, engaging, and non-threatening environment for children of all ages.

The practice also took steps to minimize its environmental impact by using digital charting and digital radiography, computers that are Energy Star 5.0 compliant, oil-less compressor and dry vacuum systems that utilize no water or oil, along with numerous others.

Digital Radiography was another key technology that we implemented to increase patients' safety. By using the latest digital x-ray technology, patients are exposed up to 90% less radiation when compared to practices that use traditional film-based x-rays. Digital x-rays also are available instantaneously since we do not have to wait for film to be developed. This is great for our practice, because as you know a lot of children do not always have the best patience. Plus since there is no film there is no need for harmful chemicals to develop the film.

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